Friday, 27 September 2013

Life: The CSS and Peterborough

This year I'm part of the Computer Science Society (CSS), taking on the role as treasurer. Not a great role for me as personally I'm quite a long way overdrawn, but that's okay. Apparently I'm better with other people's money than my own - which should be getting a boost soon due to my student loan coming in.  Our official event of the year is to take the society, mainly new freshers, to discover the wonders of The Big Wok. It's not the nicest place in the world, it looks like a school canteen with probably lower hygiene standards. Anyway, we took over 100 people there and paid full price for every single one (c'mon lads, no group discount?). Unfortunately last year's committee took all the money + more and we're having to scrape some of that back before we can do anything big. So our planned trip to the Gadget Show got scrapped. Would've been great fun!

I'm thinking about getting involved in more societies this year. Photosoc is an obvious one, as is LUMSoc (Live and Unsigned Music Society). Tempted to get involved with the Redbrick - our student newspaper - photographers as well. All complimented by a healthy dose of squash. Although at this point I'm convinced any exercise may kill me.

Thursday I took a train over to Peterborough to see my girlfriend. She's just starting uni after taking a year out, and I did promise to come over at some point! Alas, she's gone for her induction so I'm stuck in her room unable to go outside on the nicest day of the year. Maybe I'll watch the Thorne DVD I got off lovefilm, something which I should probably stop now Netflix has a decent selection, is cheaper, and easier to split with someone. I've even, finally, started Arrested Development! This is progress.

I mean, something had to go wrong and unfortunately I missed out on Fall Out Boy tickets, again. If anybody wants to give me their spare please go right ahead. I thought I had one earlier but obviously we're talking about See, so I left empty handed. I chose to buy Reading Player instead - seeing as I can't listen to games without it at uni and it's very rare to be able to find a stream. I think whilst I was getting this more tickets went on sale - never stop checking until midday. Wish I'd remembered that. I did it for The Underworld gig...

Also! I am selling prints of a couple of photos, The 1975 and Maybeshewill, to try and get some money for food at uni. Please help me out if you at all can? Thanks!

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