Friday, 20 September 2013

Life: Moving Back to Uni

So yesterday I packed up all my stuff at home, and my dad very kindly drove me up to Birmingham via my grandparents house. I'd gone down to my hometown to watch Reading play football, and snatch a dramatic, late 1-0 victory over Leeds, and former boss Brian McDermott.  As usual I'd made us late by not getting up in time, and unbeknownst to me my Nan had to leave to go to work at 1. Luckily we managed to get there and spend an hour chatting - and being force fed food - before we continued the trip up to the Midlands.

I've already lived in this house on and off for a month, as I've been paying for it since July so may as well use it! However some of the bigger items, my tv, record player, guitar I couldn't bring up on the train which is why my father was so gracious as to lend me his time. Alas I left the power cable for my turntable at home, so all the vinyl that was brought up is irrelevant until it can be posted - but hopefully that won't be too long!  I'd already needed to have my wallet sent up, something which I needed to trust my brother with - which was a bit of a difficult thing to do!

The problem is I already have a fair bit of tidying up to do. Keeping my room tidy has never been my forte, and because I brought up a load of still-dirty clothes I've got a good deal of washing to do too.  That said I've blocked off the chimney, and made it feel a little more like home so it's a good start - and the picture makes it look far worse than it actually is, I promise! Hopefully there's peace in this house this year, but I'm not holding out much hope.

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