Tuesday, 17 September 2013

LIVE: The 1975

When I applied for a photo pass in December 2012 for The 1975 little did I know I'd be shooting one of the UK's hottest bands come September. Unfortunately in December there was a mix-up, and I wasn't on the list - nobody was - but this led me to get the chance to photograph the band in Birmingham Institute's main room, rather than the smallest that I originally applied for. The only downside being that I'd already organised a trip home - meaning having to come back up to Birmingham solely to shoot the show before heading back to Reading the next morning.

That said, it was well worth it to see the band that have spent years toiling away under different pseudonyms finally strike big. The room was absolutely packed to bursting point with people, waiting to hear tracks from the band's number one, self-titled album. Frontman Matthew Healy oozes charisma and bounds all over the stage, always returning the crowds affections when they should proffer them.

The crowd may have come mostly for the 'hits' but the band are gaining popularity all the time. A sold out show at Brixton and in Manchester have seen extra dates added for both, plus a show at the O2 Academy Birmingham - yet another step up from The Institute.  Whether they have the staying power might be something a little different, they've got a formula and they stick with it - I just hope it doesn't harm them in the long run.

At the very least though, The 1975 are such a nice band to photograph, their light show and backdrop make for something different than the monotonous black backgrounds that you so always end up with at these kind of shows. Click on the photo to redirect you to the set on flickr!

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