Thursday, 3 October 2013

Film: The Sweeney

I had been excited to watch The Sweeney ever since the indirect advertising campaign kicked into gear, and thousands of programmes regurgitating every little known fact about the original series. This time, however, Dennis Waterman is replaced with rap-star Ben Drew and Ray Winstone steps into the role of Jack Regan.  It's a good action film, and the production values are one of the finer aspects - although my appraisal may be due to the fact I haven't properly watched a film in a while.

Ben Drew makes a surprisingly convincing copper, especially seeing as my overbearing memory of Plan B is always the fact that he broke into Glastonbury and got off his face on drugs - I do hope the organisers docked him that ticket fee from his payment when he played.  Steven Mackintosh plays a rather indignant internal-affairs officer, who's wife is sleeping with Ray Winstone.

And really, that's where the film breaks down. I cannot think of anybody I want to see in a 'sex-scene' less than Ray Winstone, and so much it just feels like somebody's given their dad a 'be in a movie' voucher. In an interview with BBC Breakfast Drew made mention to the fact that the car chase scenes are filmed by Winstone having a fake steering wheel, whilst sitting beside the actual driver and the scene being flipped so it looks like old Ray's in the driver's seat. Mr B also said that you can tell how terrified Winstone is, and you really can. It's strange having a car chase where somebody looks unduly frightened.

The rest of the film is a pretty decent affair, over the top action combined with an alright story. There's a few points where it feels like the film drags but in the overall scheme of things it doesn't affect the film too much. If the casting was slightly better this would've been an excellent film, in the end though a solid affair is slightly tarred by the main man.

3/5 ***

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