Monday, 14 October 2013


So, two years ago when I applied to my universities I selected the 'straight' Computer Science option so as to get my course over in the least possible time - and at that point I was pretty happy to do the general three years of university thing and then go into the real world to find a job. Pretty quickly it was apparent that the three years should probably turn to four years and you should find a job in the middle of it so as to have experience for when you go out to find a job.

The whole thing is that I'm not overly sold in the idea of sitting in an office for a year when I could be finishing my degree. Maybe I just have scenarios in my head where what ends up happening is nothing to do with Computer Science at all, and it's a year wasted on my part. After all I'm coming out of the best CS department in the country, what further reference could I possibly need?

The problem is that everybody I know is at least attempting to find a placement for next year, which would make Birmingham a very lonely place if they all succeeded. It's also causing me a great deal of stress over the thought that my third year may suffer due to my lack of work experience. Of course, I understand that they feel the need to push it, they get a nice little sum of money whilst keeping companies on their side. My problem is that I feel they've pushed too far towards a year out so that it leaves people like me, those who aren't sold on the idea and would be perfectly happy carrying on with education, feeling lost. I've updated my Linked In and in the process of getting my CV all ready, just in case.

Any help from the internet out there, what are your experiences of industrial placements and did they benefit you at all? Or did you stay at university and wish you'd gone for it?

Either way I should probably make my twitter private.

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