Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Life: Weekend In Review

So, my weekend started on Thursday evening owing to the fact that my university timetable allows me Fridays off, on the most part. That said, all that happened on Friday was I popped into UoB to talk to the Redbrick photographers hoping that I could get some stuff to shoot. Turns out I'm photographing one of the rugby teams on Wednesday, and I set up my own photopass for Goldie Lookin' Chain on Thursday so it's not a bad week!

In the evening I picked up my brother from the train station and we headed home for a nap before the LoL World Championship Final, although having to listen to my house mates playing blaring club tunes for two hours before they finally went out wasn't the ideal preparation for getting up at 2:30 in the morning.

After having to go back to the house for the tickets that Tim forgot we ended up in the oldest working cinema in the UK, The Electric in Birmingham. I don't really play League of Legends, and I've never seriously watched an eSport so this was a new experience but it was actually really good to watch. eSports may have a certain stigma attached but they're going to be huge, it's just a question of how long it takes. The production values on the final were so high, and the only problem was the ceremony to give the winners the cup. I mean, we did have to watch off Timmy's iPhone for a while but we got it sorted...

Seeing as one of the teams (we don't do spoilers here) demolished (okay slight spoilers) the other it meant that we were out of the cinema pretty early, and ended up getting Tim's second ever subway, even if it was a rather stodgy Sausage Breakfast Thing. For some reason he left pretty much straight away and spent a grand total of 15 hours in Birmingham, dedication to the sport that is. Was alright though, as NHL 13 came through the post and I spend the day playing that. World's most difficult game.

On Saturday evening I had a bar crawl, which isn't advisable after a two hour nap the night before. I crashed around 6pm and missed the first bar, but overall our first CSS Barcrawl was a nice success. Ended up in Fab 'n' Fresh, the Uni's club night which no longer plays Blurred Lines. Absolutely packed as freshers was still going on, but then again we got there in time for me to dance around an empty club dancefloor in my semi-drunken state.

Sunday was spent doing absolutely nothing. Nothing at all. Nowt. I don't think I got out of my dressing gown. Those are the best days though, eh?

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