Tuesday, 29 October 2013

LIVE: Tom Odell

Star of the sky advert, and owner of a number 1 album and top 10 single Tom Odell sold out the Institute weeks in advance, which always makes the place hot enough to fry... people. Unfortunately the Institute told me to get there half an hour earlier than I had to so I had to stand through some horrifically cliched rock and roll, although I suppose I'm no worse off through the experience minus having half an hour of my life that have disappeared to me forever.

Obviously without much of a back-catalogue Odell played every single song off his album, Long Way Down. Throwing in a few covers, and I might be a bit of a scrooge when it comes to this, but I didn't pay money for him to sing The Beatles and Etta James and to be honest I could have lived without it if it meant getting home 20 minutes earlier. Overall though he sounded good, and at least tried to liven things up which is a little hard when a lot of your songs are quite so soft - although they do translate pretty well to a live setting.

The most disappointing thing was the crowd. I was stood next to a couple who would have been more at home in Eastenders. The male kept threatening to punch almost anybody who so much as looked at his other half, who didn't seem to stop crying for an hour and a half. Constant wailing, which meant that I had to sing louder which probably disrupted everybody else's enjoyment and for that I'm sorry. The rest of the crowd were there for one song and one song only, it was like a Journey concert, and I'll give you three guesses which it was.

Anyway, a pretty solid show, and I get to cross another name off my 'to see' list, there's not a whole lot of bands left to see. Which is slightly scary, I don't want to think about the money that's cost!

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