Tuesday, 1 October 2013


So we're into October, and apparently it's time to get the NHL Season underway. Obviously last year there wasn't any play until January, due to the lockout, and less than 50% of games ended up being played. Although that's still better than 2004 when the entire season was cancelled! The New York Rangers don't get underway until Friday, which means that uni won't have to suffer until next week but Toronto and Montreal contest the first fight of the campaign. If you want to give it a go it starts at midnight and well worth a watch. To be fair it is a long sport to watch if you're not properly into it, but well worth it!

Plus obviously there's The Champions League to watch before hand. Hopefully Chelsea don't ruin my treble this week, and Celtic don't somehow pull off that shock result they managed against Barca last time.

Barcelona @ 1.44
Dortmund @ 1.30
Chelsea @ 1.75

Treble @ 3.28

I've put 50p on that, but I've risked a pound on a Championship treble. What with Reading being in the league this year I feel like I know it a bit better than last year. My beloved hoops travel up to Barnsley, and I can't believe that we're evens to beat them. I'm hoping for a fairly routine win after taking 13 points from 15! Brighton and Leicester are both in good form too, so I'm quietly confident that I'll be winning £5 tonight.

Reading @ 2.00
Brighton @ 1.75
Leicester @ 1.72

Treble @ 6.02

I managed to get £15 off a free £5 playing Bingo yesterday, alongside £2 on a BTTS & Everton to win. Considering that I started this betting spree with a £2 free on Paddy Power's games I've now got £19.33 on the account, hoping that after tonight I'll have broken £25! Yay, money!


Champions League Treble WON:

Celtic 0-1 Barcelona, Dormund 3-0 Marseille, Bucharest 0-4 Chelsea

Championship Treble LOST:

Barnsley 1-1 Reading, Brighton 1-1 Sheffield Wednesday, Yeovil 1-2 Leicester

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