Friday, 4 October 2013

Television: Castle

Earlier in the year I was browsing Lovefilm Instant and I came across the crime drama, Castle. I think I managed to watch the first four seasons in under a week, and gave myself pretty bad eye strain in the process. Richard Castle is a mystery writer who is called to help on a case where the perpetrator is copying scenarios from his books. He becomes infatuated with Kate Beckett, a detective, and after asking his friend The Mayor he's granted access to her cases for research purposes.

One of the main reasons I started watching Castle is due to the fact that I'd just finished Firefly, and Nathan Fillion, who plays the protagonist in the sci-fi show is cast as the aforementioned Castle; in a fairly familiar goofy-yet-loveable role. Cast opposite him is the absolutely stunning Stana Katic in her first major part - or at least as far as I can tell anyway. The most noticeable change in her since the first show is her hair, it changes more often than the wind.

The chemistry between the two is incredible, and really the focal point of the show. Away from the main characters there's two other families. Castle's own, which features his mother (Susan Sullivan), and his daughter (Molly Quinn). Inevitably many cases are broken by an off-handed remark or by something that happens in his personal life which tends to mirror that of his place of research; where his other family are based.  Javi Esposito (Jon Huertas), and Kevin Ryan (Seamus Dever) make up the rest of the three-man detective team. Obviously Castle uses the two guys to get information and tips on Beckett alongside Dr. Lanie Parish (Tamala Jones) who mainly plays Kate's confidant alongside her job as M.E.

What makes Castle something different than the general detective shows is its ability to not take itself too seriously. Yes there are tense moments, hard life lessons, and - at the heart - murder, but its considerably lighter than your Criminal Minds or CSI. Probably stemming from the fact that the majority of the story is actually based around Kate and Castle rather than the crimes that they're trying to solve. I even think my own mother would probably enjoy it.

The USA have just started the sixth season, with its second highest season premiere audience, which can only be a good thing. Couple that with the second season finale was the highest rated show in its time slot on ABC for 14 years, and that it's won 16 awards since the beginning of 2011... I just hope that its not going anywhere for a the foreseeable future.

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