Monday, 4 November 2013

Life: 3 Things I'm Excited For This Week...

So it's a (very, very) cold Monday morning, and university has started again after a rather spiffing four day break. Time for Haskell to frustrate and depress me for another week. That said there's lots coming up this week, SO LET'S CELEBRATE THAT EH?

3. Reading Vs QPR... Wait...
Okay, so this one is probably not something I'm looking forward to very much off the back of a 5-2 defeat to Sheffield Wednesday, a team who hadn't won up to this point, where former Royal Michail Antonio tore us apart. I SAID NOT TO SELL HIM. How we're still in the play-off positions is beyond me. Anyway next week is the big one. QPR vs Reading. Two of the relegated teams. Please let us win, we haven't actually lost at home yet so that's sort-of promising.

2. Anavae Release Dimensions
So one of my favourite bands ever Anavae are releasing their new record Dimensions and I can't wait because everything off it that we've heard so far is AMAZING. Anti-Faith is possibly the best song released in the last year, and hands down the best thing released out of the English underground in a long, long time. You know you've made it when people start ripping your videos to put on YouTube themselves (which I have never understood but...)

1. FRabbit Headline BRIXTON 

So in March 2010 I saw Frightened Rabbit headline the West End Centre in Aldershot, the same week I saw Twin Atlantic play the Borderline (what a week!), and on Friday they headline BRIXTON ACADEMY. Which is one of the most mental things I've ever heard. I'm so excited because Pedestrian Verse was incredible and they deserve all the success that comes their way off the back of it. FRABBIT. BRIXTON. Everything is right with the world when a band who've toiled finally get to reap the rewards. If you have nothing to do on Friday I suggest you come down, there's still some tickets left. Make me cry, Scott.

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