Sunday, 24 November 2013

LIVE: Ben Marwood

Free gigs are always nice, and free gigs that involve Ben Marwood are even better.  So when he announced he was playing London on his mini-'run' of tour dates this Winter I became interested. When it turned out that I was planning on going home this weekend I felt like going via The Monarch was a must; Dragging all my stuff to a London show for the second time in two weeks.

Getting to The Monarch and already seeing everybody there was a heart-warming experience, even if I had (and still have) almost zero idea who any of them are. Getting in the pork-chops because I hadn't eaten a proper meal in two days was pretty decent too. (AMY, I AM NOT A DRUNKARD. I had two pints.)

Anyway, Marwood was his beautiful self as always (even if being on 'til 10/10:30' turned into coming on stage at 10). If you've never listened to him I recommend doing it. Especially if you're into folk/Frank Turner/Jim Lockey/that scene yo. New album 'Back Down' is pretty damn good, and it has '... Yeehaw Junction' on it even if he refuses (sort of) to play it live. Karma's a cruel mistress though Marwood, and know that that Sturridge goal was all down to choosing to play 'Claire' instead. If you want to give him a listen (and you really do) click the links! CLICK 'EM.

I heard the reason that they've moved everybody from Reading Gaol is because Marwood tried to murder the other inmates.

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