Sunday, 24 November 2013

LIVE: Burn The Fleet is dead.

Burn The Fleet were one of my favourite bands before they died this year at Takedown Festival in their native Southampton; so when they were resurrected from the dead for one last show I decided that I'd do anything to get down to it.

I saw Burn The Fleet before I knew they were Burn The Fleet when they supported Exit Ten at Reading Face Bar (I only went for Wolf I Am), and playing to almost nobody except me, my brother, and the other bands in the same venue, and supporting Don Broco in the same venue.

Basically, I've seen Burn The Fleet at the Face Bar a lot - coupled with a Takedown Festival appearance (not the last one) and a support slot with Night Verses when I had no idea they were playing. The only reason I even know who they are is because I was looking for Bless The Fall, had a free CD offer from Walnut Tree Records, and thought that I was actually looking for a band called Burn The Fleet instead.  Apparently lead-singer/bassist extravaganza, Andrew Convey, once roadied for them so I wasn't too far away - I may be making that up.

Anyway, that CD was their first EP, featured in this lovely Spotify playlist above - featuring the magnificent 'Handfuls of Sand', if they'd had a hit it would definitely be it. That said, it's not as if the rest of the EP is lacklustre. So to hear all of the tracks played for one last time was a pretty lovely experience.

Their first album, 2012's 'The Modern Shape', was given away free with Rock Sound. Or, as they said at the time, you could buy the album for £3 and get a free Rock Sound issue.  Songs like 'The Greatest Fire', 'Black Holes', and 'River Song' are huge, whether they're listened to on your stereo at home or having your ears blown by them at The Joiners.

Finishing the show with the aforementioned 'Handfuls of Sand', accompanied by a stage invasion was probably the best way to send Burn The Fleet back to their shallow grave.

"Burn The Fleet is dead" (again)

My ears are ruined.


(NB: if you're moshing don't hurl yourself into the wall, because that isn't cool.)

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