Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Music: Anavae - Dimensions

So I'm not entirely sure whether to call this an album, a mini-album, or an EP and neither do the guys at LAB because all they've been calling it is the new Anavae 'record'. Either way the new Anavae release is pretty damn special. Previous attempt, 'Into The aether' was solid if a little generic but straight from the moment the drums hit in 'Anti-Faith', the opener to 'Dimensions', you know you're in for a treat. This isn't a band afraid to play with their sound, check out those chopping vocals in the chorus.

'Storm Chaser'  was released a while ago in its own EP but makes an appearance here as well in a move that will disappoint nobody.  'Hang Man's introduction is a beautiful looped guitar lick and a frantic rush to get to the finish whereas the pulsating 'Aeon' is a careful, methodical track which takes its time to reach a climax.

'Dream Catcher's lyrics stand-out, what with metaphorical cake it's not hard to. If you can resist screaming "I can steal your dream" at people then you're by far a better person than I am. It's not hard to see why 'Bring Me Down' (sort-of) closes the album and Becca's vocals are absolutely stunning, somehow effortlessly communicating her emotions, "Bring me down to you, you'll die down there alone."

Personally I don't think it's a stretch to make the comparison to Perceptions-era VersaEmerge, with the somewhat dreamy lyrics, guitar licks, use of samples...You'd be hard pressed to like one but not the other but that's not to say that Anavae don't have their own charm, and it's a charm that could quite easily see them surpass VERSA (or whatever they're now called) if they haven't already, and a huge part of down to just down to how well this album is produced on top of how good the tracks are.

And that brings me on to a huge shout-out to whoever produced, mixed, and mastered this album (quick consultation with the album notes and we get: John Mitchell, James Billinge, and Ian Sadler) because everything is absolutely spot on. The guitars are punchy, the vocals sit beautifully in the mix and with the amount going on in some of these tracks that's no mean feat. Brilliant work, so many albums are let down by poor production.

Tl;dr This [insert format here] is stunning. This is the best £4.50 you'll ever spend, buy it.

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