Saturday, 30 November 2013

Playlist: November 2013

So there was a post on tumblr a while ago about how to enjoy University and one of the points on it was to make playlists so that all the memories associated with certain songs can come flooding back when you listen to them. So I thought I'd start doing this, seeing as Spotify allows me to access pretty much anything ever and share it efficiently so here it is! Thought I'd write a bit about each song below the break too!


1. There, There - The Wonder Years
Pretty much my favourite band ever, and was lucky enough to go up to Manchester to see them play - even if they didn't play this I've probably made up with how much it's been played on my speakers.
2. I've Given Up On You - Real Friends
I've been listening to Real Friends for a while now, but they supported TWY in Manchester and this song was just amazing to hear live - with everybody singing along. 10/10
3. Rap God - Eminem
I'm a massive Eminem fan and this song is just mesmerising.  His flow and style is 100% back to his best. I enjoyed Recovery but I love the new album. Definitely going to be in my Top 10 list at the end of the year
4. Avocado, Baby - Los Campesinos!
A new Los Campesinos! album is never a bad thing - even if I can't really afford to physically buy it.  Avocado, Baby was one of the lead singles with a video(!) and everything. So many great albums in November.
5. Hang Man - Anavae
Good albums aplenty as I said. Hang Man is off Anavae's mini-album thing (EP?) and the instrumentation is incredible, coupled with Becca's vocals and lyrics and everything is just perfect.
6. Does This Train Stop On Merseyside - Amsterdam
John Peel really liked this song, or so I've been told. It's about the trials of Liverpool and the like, ver poignant and very good.
7. (Fork and Knife) - Brand New
I couldn't find the fghtffyrdmns files on my computer so settled for Fork and Knife instead. It's Brand New, enough said.
8. Burn a Miracle - Say Anything
I'm not sure what made me switch onto Say Anything but something inside of me was screaming for it. Burn a Miracle is pretty great though. "I once courted a boy, he looked a lot like me but his eyelids were destroyed"
9. Move Along - All-American Rejects
There's nothing better than a bit of Tyson Ritter to start your day. My iPod is pretty devoid of music due to my using Spotify all the time but there is a few AAR albums on it. 2005 represent.
10. Part II - Paramore
Oh Paramore, you may not be your old pop-punky self but I love you nevertheless. All three of you. (To varying extents)
11. Sins - The Dangerous Summer
This is an album that I probably haven't listened to nearly enough. The Dangerous Summer produce (pretty much the same) every time. I'M STILL WAITING FOR THAT LIVE DVD THOUGH. It's only been about 1 1/2 years since I pledged.
12. Oceans - Mallory Knox
I had the opportunity to photograph Knox in the most humid room imaginable. It rendered one of my lenses unusable and I couldn't really get close enough for anything incredible but hearing this song live made up for all of that!
13. Nautilus - Burn The Fleet
Burn The Fleet finally died this month *sob* after sort of half dying at Takedown earlier in the year. Nautilus is from their debut EP - it's not quite Handfuls of Sand but this playlist isn't a cliche!
14. Bodies - Sivu
Another song down to a show. Sivu supported Stornoway when I went to photograph them and completely justified his inclusion into the November playlist because he's just pretty damn fantastic
15. Floating in the Forth - Frightened Rabbit
Frightened. Rabbit. played. Brixton. I'm not sure how that happened. Scott played this faux-acoustically and it was pretty special.
16. The Galway Farmer - Show of Hands
My parents are allegedly going to see Steve Knightley play Modbury Town Hall, alas I can't afford tickets to his Birmingham show (or SoH's Wolves gig) so I have to settle with listening to it at home instead. PROPER FOLK!
17. Slam Dunk (Da Funk) - Five
18. HIDING - Pianos Become The Teeth
Pretty much the most beautiful thing ever. After listening to too much Five I needed something a little heavier...
19. Honest Sleep - Touché Amoré
"I'm losing sleep, I'm losing friends, I've got a love/hate/love with the city I'm in" 
20. Stay Too Long - Plan B
Apparently I'm a big fan of white rappers - big shout-out to Shuffle-T - but in all seriousness I really like The Defamation of Strickland Banks as a concept album and I love the rapping and intensity in this. Well done Plan B, even if you occasionally come across as a bit of a moron

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