Wednesday, 18 December 2013


The God I believe in is Jesse Lacey and the fact that he and Brand New have finally taken time out of their busy schedule to tour the UK is music to my ears but not my bank balance. In the presale today I picked up tickets for London, Newcastle, Manchester, and Southampton - I should probably point out that a couple paid for by my oh so kind father for Christmas (and the fact that he and my brother are also coming along to a couple) - whilst Friday's general sale will hopefully bring in tickets for Glasgow, and possibly a second London date.

Obviously then I can't justify doing Leeds as well, because that would be ridiculous.

Brand New have been a staple of my existence for a few years now, since listening to them in the build up to Reading 2009, and I'm deeply in love with pretty much everything they've ever done because pretty much everything they've ever done is wonderful.

Anyway in more general life, last Wednesday I went to see The Big Reunion Christmas tour which was amazing. Five, Liberty X, and Atomic Kitten killed it - and we won't mention the other few. Although admittedly Honeyz were pretty great singers they just didn't really have the connection with the crowd the rest did. It also featured all the bands singing Christmas songs (plus their Christmas single at the end) - B*Witched sang The Pogue's 'Fairytale of New York' along with a backing track done by Shane Lynch that was completely out of time to the music. Odd. My gran also gave me a pot of jam which is incredible. I just need to get some bread for it first...

I've spent the last few days with my girlfriend in Peterborough which were nice, although I forgot almost everything after rushing in the morning including the charger for my laptop - so when she took hers to uni I was a bit stuffed. Spent most of the rest of the time - with the laptop - watching Netflix. Who knew that a film/tv series about Halo 4 could be so good? Plus the whole Lego Ninja thing that I started watching because there was nothing else...

Finally, I decided to do another political compass just to see where I stood and turns out I'm pretty left-wing and libertarian.

That's what -6.38, -6.36 looks ladies and gentleman. I expected it to be a little less extreme than that..

Tonight it's time for Gnarwolves at The Flapper before heading down to Bristol to party with Peter and the gang for his birthday! THEN IT'S BASICALLY CHRISTMAS. Aw yus.

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