Saturday, 21 December 2013

Life: Bristol, Br& New (Cont.), Friends!

I'm home for Christmas! Finally. Only four doors left to open until the big day and presents. Obviously the main thing about Christmas is giving and family and friends. But I really like getting presents too.

Anyway, I started John Green's 'The Fault In Our Stars' on the way over to Lauren's on Saturday and - as ever with a good book - I pretty much couldn't put it down. Which is a nice change from 'The Lovely Bones' which took me forever to read. I've had quite a lot of time to read on trains recently so I happen to have already finished it. Not to spoil it but basically it's written from the point of a girl with terminal cancer, although her cancer is being managed by some drug so she's not in any immediate danger. Anyway, be warned it's pretty sad and you're 100% recommended to probably read it but not finish it on a train to Bristol, as I did. You get some odd looks as your eyes well with tears on the 1430 to Temple Meads.

I've been using the fact that you should live life to the full as an excuse to book more and more Brand New tickets. I happen to now have tickets for all 8 of their UK shows. I wasn't going to do the Hit The Deck dates but then I listened to BN in the car on the way home and I knew I had to. Thankfully I'm in the position where this kind of thing is possible, and that's not lost on me in any way. I did end up spending £16 more than I needed to - I was going to get HTD tickets before I left for home, when there were still earlybirds, but by the time I got back they'd all gone. *sob*

So yes, I was down in Bristol for Peter's birthday celebrations which were great fun. We went to Thekla, and that's the kind of place I love. 2 pints for £4.20 rather than one, great music, friends! Even if I did smack my head against somebody else's during a Limp Bizkit mosh (there's a bit of a bump) it was an excellent night, and it made me realise how much I undervalue my friends. Jonny, Josh, and Ed I will never not appreciate - spending a month travelling Europe with your best friends means that they're always gonna be at the top of my list, but the others in my group I'm not nearly grateful enough for. Staying up and joking around at 4 in the morning, especially when not completely sober, really puts that kind of stuff into perspective.

I've never really been the best with friends, partly because I internalise quite a bit and never really ask for others' help, partly because I quite often see myself as an outsider (rightly or not) and partly because a lot of the time I really would rather be alone, at least in the physical world. Maybe I should just go to the pub more with people I actually like. Then there's occasionally somebody who I consider a friend who has a weird obsession with my weight more than anything else. Seriously, if you greet me with quips about how heavy I am chances are I'm not going to want to talk to you. Anyway basically, I do like people and I will try to show this a bit more to people I like. I've never been a massive fan of pandering with people who I'm not overly interested in so expect that to continue.

And finally, I'm using my instagram a bit more now that I have a phone that actually supports it, same with snapchat (stats1994) - although I still don't really understand why the only thing people ever send is photos of themselves. Social networking!

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