Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Life: December

So November is over, seeing itself out with white girls calling me racist for being white - I think she was on tumblr for a bit too long , some really strange Bracknell Bees' results, and a lovely Reading win away at Nottingham Forest. The end of November, obviously, means the start of December, bringing some really strange Bracknell Bees' results, my beautiful The Snowman advent calendar - filled with Thornton chocolate, and unfortunately a presentation on Free Speech and Social Networking sites. Plus all the end of year lists are coming out! Probably time to start thinking about mine..

Myself and Ed took the train over to Nottingham for the Reading game, although by the time we arrived - and decided to get some food from Tesco we'd also managed to lose our tickets. We reckon they were stolen, but that doesn't necessarily mean they were. Thankfully the police found them and handed them into a steward at the ground - who we managed to run into while he was holding them. Thank the lord. Going 2-0 up in 15 minutes made it all worth it, plus a late winner after two ex-Royals had brought it back to 2-2 was nice too.

Due to the fact there were 0 trains to Birmingham after about 9:30 we stayed with my grandparents - haven't seen them in ages! It's incredibly nice to go to people's house who aren't students who actually own the proper amount of food. luv me food.

My panic attacks have definitely got better, but talking in front of my fellow peers apparently is still one of the things that sets it off. Being in a group with another guy that has the same sort of thing was slightly reassuring and slightly worrying at the same time, but that said, once we were up there everything was fine! Even got a thumbs up from the award-winning Dr Lee, which is always a good sign - I think?

Everything at uni's coming toward the end which means lots of deadlines! Ah deadlines, the worst part of a student's life. I guess they're probably quite important, although this term I've actually managed to stay on top of all the deadlines - for once in my life. So that's good.

Time to watch The Expendables 2! (Well, actually - photograph the football that I had entirely forgotten about)

P.S. Just back from football. I've seen quite a bit of sport whilst here but this was my first football match. I might sound like an old man saying this but the language of footballers is atrocious. Seriously, no other team have mouths like that. Everything is so negative as well. Shouting at people for doing something wrong rather than trying to help them improve.

Damn footballers.

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