Saturday, 7 December 2013

Life: Posting Thursday's Blog Post On Saturday

So I begin writing this post at 5:09am and the final session on day 2 of the second test in The Ashes has just started. My main man Monty has the ball and Haddin is just kicking the ball away. I've decided to watch as much of this test as possible because The Ashes doesn't happen every day and I really do love the meandering nature of test cricket. I did the same thing back in March with the New Zealand series and saw Matt Prior clinch a thrilling series draw but I didn't have to balance that with university as I was off for Easter, and the room I was watching in wasn't sub-zero either.


Thankfully Friday's are devoid of any kind of lectures... Okay, that's a lie but they're devoid of learning. Today's [Thursday's] lecture was at 9am, and it's always a struggle to get out of bed for that time - even if I have to be up for it for the majority of the week - so obviously the best plan of action was just not to sleep before it and then sleep between 10:30 & 16:00. Sleep pattern wrecked much? I mean this is my normal holiday sleep-pattern already. I think the most down-heartening thing about it is realising you already opened the door on your advent calendar at midnight, and not having it when you get up.

Despite that I think it was one of my most productive days in a while, I went into town - when the train eventually arrived - to try and get my replacement phone unlocked before being told I need a receipt which is still at home or I could always get in touch with the customer service team - although obviously not calling them because I don't have a phone... Plus I photographed Jamie Lenman which was fun. Was pretty damn tired though so didn't stay for long. Ran into a photographer friend though which is always nice!

Saturday's blog post bit: Hopefully photographing Hanson later at The Institute. Could be fun, seeing as the amount of Hanson references I receive is interesting. Then ice hockey and Cold Crows Dead tomorrow, whose album I still need to listen to. I will get on that! Hopefully the bets I have on today can pay for my travel tomorrow...

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