Friday, 27 December 2013

Life: Presents, Komputers, DON'T JUDGE

So my last Christmas as a teenager has been and gone. Filled with grandparents, excitement, and - most importantly - a whole load of presents. My wrapping, as normal, was pretty sub-standard and continuously mentioned but what I wanted to discuss mostly was the concept of digital presents.

I can't be the only one who's spent a bit of money unlocking the new episode of Candy Crush, or unlocking a box in Counter Strike. My brother's present to me didn't require much wrapping as it was a StatTrak AK Skin for Counter Strike: Global Offensive - which is basically a customisation to a gun which counts how many enemies you've dispatched with it. It's not exactly a cheap thing, going for around £20 online but it's also one of the presents from this year that I'll use most.

People may find that really strange - "why would you spend money on an online game?" - and the answer is because I enjoy it! A lot of my free time is spent playing video games, and whatever you think of that personally, I - obviously - like to do it. It's cathartic to me, especially after the stress of uni deadlines and the like. I wrote a few months back about eSports becoming more popular and there's new news that, allegedly, two-thirds of British adults claim to be gamers but I know for a fact the moment I go back to university and said that for Xmas I got something inside a video game as a present I'll be laughed at and they'll question why I would ever do that. Sure, that's partly down to the people in my house, but it's a common opinion that I've experienced.

This comes down to the fact, mostly, that I'm sort of tired of being found 'quirky' or 'weird' because I prefer to hang out with friends online - people that I deem to be really good friends - than be bored and sad hanging out with people in the real world. People suck, basically. In my ideal world people would be less judgemental of everybody - sure, that girl looks a bit odd, so? And that guy hangs out by himself a lot, which matters because?. A while back I watched a What Would You Do clip about a gay couple, and their children (all actors) being harassed by a waitress (another actor) who was asking them to leave due to their sexuality (which is legal in Texas) where a customer (not an actor) basically told the waitress, "Who are you to judge? You're but a human, you have no right to judge" (Starts about 4:29 in the video below) and that video - along with a few other things - have completely changed my outlook. Who am I to judge? Just live your life trying to be the best person you can be, don't deliberately harm others and at least try to treat others as you would like to be treated - that golden rule!

I've sort of strayed from my original point but basically, digital presents are going to be huge and please don't judge me because I got one. I also got a New York Rangers' Jersey as well, and I won't be taking it off for a while so mock me because we can't even beat Calgary without having to go to a shootout instead.

Anyway, I hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas and were excited as me - I watched The Santa Clause 3 on Christmas Eve solely to build the anticipation of the following morning. I act like such a child on Christmas, but I like to regress into childhood for it - makes things a bit more special.

Have a good New Year! Unfortunately it's probably time I started catching up with uni work... *sob*

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