Sunday, 22 December 2013

LIVE: Gigs of the Year

So the Los Campesinos! show was my last of the year (unless you count The Big Reunion tour tonight which... er... I don't, even if it was pretty damn great) so I thought now would be a good time to bring you my...


 5. Paramore LG Arena, Birmingham
PARAMORE! Off the back of a damn good album there was the mandatory tour of the world that comes with being able to sell out wherever you go. Anyway, Paramore are pretty much always wicked live (as long as you discount that main stage Reading appearance) and this time was no different. They can even make Still Into You sound good live, which is a real achievement.

4. Frightened Rabbit O2 Academy Brixton, ... Brixton
Okay so Frightened Rabbit are a big band now. They've got a major record label, a date at Brixton academy, y'know all the things you should have. What really topped this show off though was Scott's faux-acoustic (he was still using some mic at the front) Floating in the Forth. AMAZING. Felt pure privileged to be there and I will always love FRabbit and they will always be strangely angry at fans doing anything that they don't want them to do.

3. The Wonder Years Manchester Academy 2, Manchester
So I don't think it's any big secret that The Wonder Years are pretty much my favourite band ever. So being supported by Real Friends - one of my favourite new pop-punkers - it was gonna be a pretty great night. Turns out Manchester really know their new bands too, Even Handguns got a pretty decent reception, and 'I've Given Up On You' got one of the biggest sing-a-longs of the night. Plus, y'know, The Wonder Years never disappoint live. So much energy, and so much good-will.

I still hate the stereotypical pop-punk kid though.

2. Los Campesinos! Heaven, London
Half way through this gig I was thinking "yep, this is it, this is the gig of the year". Unfortunately it dropped off slightly in the middle but I have never seen a room of people so up for being there. It topped their 2000 Trees set from a couple of years back and that is tough.  It probably helps that I adore the use of football references in the new album, and hearing people chanting - note the deliberate use of a verb that isn't singing - at a gig is fantastic.

1. Burn The Fleet The Joiners Arms, Southampton
The 'last ever show' of BTF was something pretty damn special. Playing pretty much everything in their back-catalogue (even if that's not particularly full) but they just had an extra edge that a whole load of bands lack. The only, only, downside to this gig is the damn people 'moshing' who think that that means throwing themselves into the wall full pelt. There was a man, with a damn fine beard, getting particularly angry. 10/10 for The Fleet, RIP sweet princes. I'm sure a saw a tear under all that sweat.

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