Tuesday, 10 December 2013

LIVE: Los Campesinos!

I've seen LC! a handful of times, and I'm not gonna beat around the bush but this was hands down the best time I've seen them play. The crowd was absolutely buzzing and I don't think I've ever seen a room more psyched to be there, other than the Brand New Wembley show but that was pretty damn special.

The new album is pretty immense and among one of my albums of the year, so kicking things off with 'As Lucerne/The Low' was a nice way to start. With LC! the lyrics mean just as much, if not more than the music you're listening to - and it's pretty easy to tell that's the case seeing as almost everyone in Heaven knew the words to everything from 'You! Me! Dancing!' - y'know, the one in that Budweiser advert -  to 'Avocado, Baby'.

I'm not sure if it's just Heaven, the only other time I've been there was for Taking Back Sunday four and a bit years ago, but the sound was perfect, and I think Gareth has been working on his vocals for a while, because you can tell the improvement from Hello Sadness to NO BLUES, and it comes across in the live show as well.

Somebody before the show started invited a girl round for New Years Eve, but not for an "invite whoever you want kinda thing" more a "wine, cheese and board game" affair. I was surprised to see a Tory at a show. Especially when 'The Sea Is A Good Place..." pretty clearly shows the bands' stance on such humans.

Anyway, basically this show was immense, one of my favourite of the year, and I only managed to stand near the back because I had a huge coat, a rucksack, and not enough change to put it all in the cloakroom, imagine what it was like for the kids jumping about! As Gareth said, shows like this are only possible because of people going to them - and LC! actually have other jobs that they need to do to actually support themselves financially - and that's the exact reason why if the band you like aren't on a huge record deal with millions of fans you should try and give what you can to support them. Go to a show, buy an album, a t-shirt, introduce your friends - whatever!

Anyway, tl;dr: LC! slayed 2013.

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