Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Life: 2013

So 2012 had a lot of things. My trip to Europe, starting university, getting to travel round the country seeing Brand New a ridiculous amount of times. It had a trip to see Bloc Party, and a trip to Glasgow, promotion for Reading and the start of another season in the Premier League. I mean, it also had the beginning of panic attacks and a few weird freak outs but c'est la vie.

Down to all of this 2013 had a lot to live up to, and in many ways it did! I finished my first year of university with over 70% (woo for firsts), showing Dan Ghica that I can actually do his module despite the constant criticism. It's a pretty big thing to be able to do that and I'm really quite proud of myself for managing it, even with the constant panic attacks during the exams. I remember Easty asking why I left an hour early in the FOCS exam, and it was because even if I had the answers wrong I'd have no idea about them - so luckily my revision paid off!

As well as first year I've also got 90% in my Functional Programming assignments and over 100% in SSC, which is a nice start! Should probably practice my types for the former, though. Even though I've already got 45% of the module I still have to pass the exam - which I wasn't remotely close to doing in the mock!

I got to photograph some of my favourite bands, including both 2000 Trees and ArcTanGent Festivals. I got a load of good feedback from people and bands - which is always nice! My photographs of The 1975 from September are probably the best set of images I've ever taken, and one found its way into December's issue of Stache Magazine. Even if I wasn't credited properly. (May have been slightly my fault leaving it so long to send my bio)

I also started photographing for the University newspaper, Redbrick, doing sports stuff. Which is all well and good in the daylight but it's also led me to find the limitations of the camera I have at the moment. I knew it doesn't deal with low light well but at least at gigs the people on stage are (generally) well lit. Not so on the football field. The results in the daylight were okay though!

I only managed ~27 gigs this year, and all in the same places. Birmingham, London, Nottingham. Oh the monotony! Seriously though, there were some great ones in there. Frightened Rabbit at Brixton, Keaton Henson in The History of Science Museum - even if I did have a panic attack for most of it, and the last ever Burn The Fleet show. Then there were the tv shows I got into - Castle, the new Unforgettable series, The Newsroom, Orange Is The New Black. So much good tv, and I wish to thank Lauren for her Netflix subscription.

Then there was all the new music! I'll just link to my top albums of the year but there was so much good, after I thought 2012 was a bit lacklustre in that sense.

Finally toward the end of the year I think I started to realise how much friends mean to me, and especially ones that tend not to judge me for what I do and how I do it. I'm lucky to have some of the best people around me, and I'm lucky to have a girlfriend who cares a great deal about me (I guess she's one of the good thing on 2013 too?).

If I had a regret from 2013 it's the lack of travelling, and the waste of my summer. I did nothing. Hey, it's something to work on for 2014 though, and what with all that Brand New during April I think that should cover it quite well. Plus there's a lot of photographing of bands that needs to be done.

Happy new year!

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