Saturday, 11 January 2014

Life: bcs th ntrnt

The Christmas break is, effectively, over. Today I head home to Birmingham via Vicarage Road and my Grandparents. It's been pretty nice to have a break from everything, I tend to find university pretty stressful for one reason or another and last semester was no different - and I was pretty much on top of everything! It tends not to just be the work but my inability to properly communicate feelings, and my unwillingness to be away from my computer for any period of time longer than necessary which probably isn't the best way to live away from home. Maybe I'll change that this term, but I somehow doubt it!

Anyway, for New Year's I went out in Wokingham with Ed, Peter, and Natalie to 'Spoons (where else), but I went down to Devon the very next day - y'know, where there are severe flood warnings all day every day, but managed to sneak onto the beach the one day it wasn't raining, hence why there's a picture of Muggles looking majestic. I love Modbury, the isolation of it; and the fact that the world's best coffee shop resides there. Alas I can't stay there forever, not least because the internet is patchy at best. It can just about handle one PC, but not the five or six that are generally connected.

Back at home I learnt of Donald Glover's 'other life' as Childish Gambino. Now I haven't really started digging into this yet but his album 'because the internet' is pretty great, but the concept behind it is incredible. I'm not gonna explain it all because I haven't got a clue but huge amounts of things he's been doing for the past year links into his album, you can read an overview here. I do understand that nobody's gonna read it - and to be frank I doubt many people care - but it's really cool to find an artist that's done something completely out of the box that hasn't really ever been done before. I'll probably do a review after I've got around to reading the screenplay that goes along with it.

Alas I couldn't listen to any of his stuff for almost 17 hours yesterday as our router malfunctioned - and that's really not a great thing to happen to somebody who lives on the internet. I had to resort to saved episodes of 'Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated'. I say resort, they're pretty great and I've been meaning to finish them for a couple of years but never really got round to it. Silver linings, eh?

Thankfully the only work I've had in for the start of this semester is a position paper in Professional Computing. A subject about the law, ethics, and how to not get fired from a job. Having taken Government and Politics, and Computing at A-Level, combined with a hunger for current affairs, meant that I'm hoping it's gone pretty well. I ended up learning LaTeX and Biblatex to program my essay and, despite having problems with both, I'm really happy with the way it's come out. I can definitely see why people use them, and I thought I better get to grips with them before having to do anything more substantial with them next year!

Anyway, as I said, off to Vicarage Road to watch a Watford side who have 1 win the last 13 games play Reading, who are 20th in Championship form table. I'm praying for a win. Please pray for us. We need it. Watford's always a big game personally as my cousins have the unfortunate affliction of supporting the Hornets, and it's always nice to get one over on them. I also get to see my Nan and Grandad for a bit today as well, so that's always a plus!

The plan after that is to nap on the train before meeting up with my mum in Birmingham - who's been to see her parents in Nottingham. Then I can unpack everything, get something to eat, and sleep on my horrific uni bed for however long the mattress allows me. At which point I can get up and sit on my uncomfortable, fold-up plastic chair before blasting some Childish Gambino loud enough to annoy all the flatmates that are already there. Hooray!

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