Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Life: This'll be a long one.

So my life has been actually pretty damn busy in the last week or so. Which is such a change from the normal. In the last two days alone I've been in uni for 16 hours trying to finish all the work that seems to have creeped out of nowhere. On the plus side Security is still looking interesting (although on the downside not much else is).

The amount of stuff that I've installed on my machine recently is ridiculous, and the amount of time taken! A day trying to set up Python and praw so I can access the reddit API, before I realised I have absolutely no idea what to do or even any ideas about what to make. It's a common theme, I get something in my head and then a third of the way through realise I have no clue about anything. Then, in no particular order, there's Virtual DJ, John The Ripper, my Virtual Machine for Sec, QtSpim, Thunderbird, Enigmail, GoogleDrive, and Subversive. My hard drive is rapidly being filled. In more computer misery my Counter Strike also broke for an entire day. Which may sound like nothing until you realise I've played 553 hours in less than a year (which apparently works out to 23 days). Oh it was the worst.

In better things! Went to see some ice hockey on Saturday. Thankfully Milton Keynes have moved their games up to the beautiful Coventry SkyDome while their rink is being refurbished, which means that every time Bees face the Lightening it's only £3.75 away. Last time Bees recovered from 4-0 down at the end of the second to take the game to OT, before MKL scored with 37 seconds left to clinch it 5-4. This time there was no such drama, and even with Pav spending - what felt like - half the game in the box, they managed to ease to a 3-1 victory. Only the second time this season I've actually seen us win which is always nice. On Saturday they're at Telford, which I think requires a trip over!

On Sunday I took a trip to Triple X wrestling's Clusterfuck III event. Last year I went with my boy Edward and it turned out to be a pretty decent show. Not really the same this time though. Apart from a couple of key moments it was all fairly lacklustre and dull and everything took too long to get there. Which is a shame, especially as Lauren came all the way over from Peterborough for it. Fingers crossed that TNA on Sunday turns out to be better. In other wrestling news the reaction that the WWE got to snubbing Daniel Bryan in the Rumble has been ridiculous. I haven't even bothered watching the rest of it yet because there's been no point. It's all about DBry. Mick Foley even smashed his TV in protest - as you do.

The last couple of days I've really wanted to take up portrait photography; an urge I get every month or so. I'd love to be able to capture the emotion of the average human but alas I fear I am neither skilled enough or brave enough to do such a thing. It probably doesn't help that I scrolled quite a long way back in the amazing Humans of New York project. A picture of somebody with a caption. They're insightful, and many heartbreaking. I probably should've stopped scrolling as they legitimately made me rather sad. At least tomorrow is the start of photography again with Redbrick, going off to Munroe Track for the women's football. Therefore I'm a little disappointed that the rain - which starts any time now - doesn't finish until 9pm. Oh well.

Finally my friend Mickey was talking about going over to America and it's ignited my want to travel more with my camera. I'm not great at anything other than gig photography, and passion may not make up for that, but I want to so much. Italic and bold much. I want to travel the world and take photographs for a living. Document beautiful things and I want to change the world with a photograph. Alas that doesn't happen any more due to a whole number of things, and I wouldn't be skilled enough anyway, but I'd love to. So where to start? Telford, on Saturday. I think.

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