Monday, 24 February 2014

Life: Spent in Front of the Telebox

I'm torn between posting about the Winter Olympics or posting about general life, and I'm gonna go with the latter as I haven't done it in a while - and I've got a few days before the Olympics become irrelevant.  So, after panicking about work last week, this weekend was actually pretty busy! Which will no doubt lead to panicking about work this week because I didn't manage to do any this weekend.

Admittedly a lot of the past couple of weeks has been spent watching TV. Chuck, Scaredycat, White Collar, Twin Peaks, House of Cards. Quite a bit. The latter I still need to get around to finishing before somebody ruins it. Plus I need to start Dexter so that I can get to Yvonne Strahovski in s7/8. I don't think I ever actually finished Heroes, so I should probably put that down too seeing as there's a 13 episode 'mini-series' coming next year. To put that 'mini-series' into perspective, there's been 9 episodes of Sherlock - total, and they tied up the entire Luther story in fourteen episodes too.

Then there's the Winter Olympics. So much curling, so much ice hockey. It's ridiculously nice to have hockey on at a decent time. Rangers' start back up on Thursday (or, Friday at 00:00) which means back to staying up until the small hours. Plus British medals in both male and female curling was pretty sweet too. Curling's so ridiculously intense. I mean, check out this Niklas Edin 360 (not from the Olympics, but still awesome.)

In between the telebox I also managed to sneak out to watch Luton play Nuneaton - something I've had my eye on for months. Ended up being well worth it; Set a new record for Liberty Way, given the fact that Nuneaton had given two-thirds of the ground to Luton and a pretty simple 5-0 win made it a pretty decent day out! Then there was Taking Back Sunday in Coventry on Sunday night, with the band on top form. Was an amazing night, Bonus Mosh pt II!! I still find it odd how Lazarra talks to fans, threatening one with a microphone-enhanced punch, which - considering most of his 'I love you guys!' rhetoric - was more than a little odd.

Back at university the deadline to pick a final year project seems to have snuck up on everybody. Probably not helped by the lack of communication from the school, but oh well. Trying to decide what I want to do is proving tricky - trying to make sure that what I pick is achievable but still interesting enough not to alienate me if I'm doing it for a year. There's things like trying to write a program that can split Parish records into family groups - which I actually find really interesting, but may not keep me interested for the required 12 (or 6/7) months. Either way, I need to choose by Friday - so that should be interesting.

I'm still somewhat struggling with C/C++ but I feel that's more the lecture style and the content being ridiculously repetitive over 6 weeks that I've failed to become interested in it. Which is a terrible excuse, I know. Time to take some 'learn C' courses. (I found one online that's taught me about as much as Mr T.) However the security course is ridiculously interesting, and it turns out that I'm actually alright at it too - which is nice. (I say that after staring at the new assignment for an hour without any real idea how to do it).

Anyway, time to catch up with The Elimination Chamber. Shields vs Wyatts was AWESOME. As if it was ever going to be anything else. Gutted that Naomi got injured, so Cameron's filling in for her - but still, AJ!

Time to stop rambling, and time to form thoughts about the Winter Olympics and ice hockey.

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