Thursday, 6 February 2014

LIVE: Childish Gambino


Childish Gambino’s over on our shores to play three shows – two in London (Shepherd’s Bush and KOKO) and one in Manchester (Gorilla) – unfortunately when tickets went on sale I was in my ‘I probably won’t like this’ phase, although I thought about getting one anyway (‘cause Donald Glover) but couldn’t really justify the train and hotel that it would’ve set me back. Then I discovered that ‘bino’s music is great, and luckily my friend had a ticket for Manchester that didn’t have an owner so I jumped at the chance.

In the queue girls were trying to buy tickets for £80, these were some exclusive tickets – and when inside the venue you could see why. Apparently 700 people can fit inside the walls of Gorilla, but it feels far less. A place more familiar with underground acts like that of Los Campesinos!, La Dispute, and Grouplove, than Emmy-award-winning actors. The people gathered within also looked like they’d feel far more at home at a pop-punk concert. Crowd surfers and mosh pits (terrible, terrible mosh pits) featured throughout the hour.

It’s strange seeing an overwhelmingly white crowd sing “white hood, white hood; oh KKK.” But to be fair they were mental. The aforementioned crowd-surfing and pathetic mosh pits complimented by people just going absolutely crazy. Childish wanted to make It perfectly clear that tonight’s date wasn’t to do with The Deep Web Tour (not that I know what that would mean) and just a whole load of songs that he wants to play, but did make it sound like they’d be back later with the ‘proper’ show.

There’s really not much else to say other than the fact that it was brilliant and I feel privileged to have got to witness it.  Next stop Killswitch and Trivium via trying to actually get an education!

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