Friday, 21 February 2014

Television: Chuck

Chuck ended over two years ago, but ever since that point I've put off watching the final season as I wasn't sure I could cope with it being over. Christmas 2012 (I think) saw me unwrap the box set of season five and I finally opened it up on Wednesday night. It's now Friday and I've finished; that's how good this programme is... was.

Chuck Bartowski is pretty much everything a boy like me could want to be. Spy(-ish), computer genius, somehow manages to get ridiculously attractive girlfriends who care for him a great amount. Y'know, I could deal with that kind of life! Apart from the getting shot at a lot, that might put a bit of a downer on things.

Yvonne Strahovski, who plays Sarah Walker - one of the agents assigned to protect Chuck, and her chemistry with Zachary Levi is pretty much the reason the programme works so well. Throw in the disfunctional Colonel John Casey (Adam Baldwin) and the show's main trio pretty much can't fail to win your heart and that's before Chuck's best friend, Morgan Grimes is properly integrated into the group.

I can't really say too much for fear of spoiling the show but it's among my favourite television shows - if not my favourite - and it's on Netflix right now so I would get on it. Apparently there's been talk of a movie being funded via Kickstarter and I would pledge any amount of money to make it happen. Please.

On a sidenote, I misplaced my DVDs for a bit, so I started (and finished) Thorne: Scaredycat. I can't remember how well it actually sticks to the books but it's a pretty solid detective series. Some of the acting isn't the best, and Sandra Oh with a British accent is just, not great. Definitely something worth watching, and the books are even better! It's apparently on Sky Go, and everybody has that nowadays right?

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