Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Life: Almost There...

So this term has been mostly dominated by monotonous C lectures, security assignments, and - in the last week or so - staying in the labs until midnight for several days straight just to make sure this team project assignment gets done. It's been pretty tough going but today we presented out 'finished' game, which actually went rather well! The issue was the lag through the wifi which was something we didn't foresee, but the game itself worked perfectly other than one minor server crash at the beginning - something I realised how to fix as we walked out.

Apart from that we had a lecture from somebody at MWR Infosecurity/Labs. The course this year has seriously made me think about going into that field after university, although something tells me it wouldn't be quite as simple as spotting the planted errors. The guy gave us a memory stick with challenges on, but I really need to install Linux at some point so I can actually do things. Plus I actually know how to use the Linux terminal, and make myself look like a proper CS student with all my use of ls and cd.

Our exam timetable has been released and looks horrific. A timetable that was 7 exams in 9 days is now 7 exams in 8, although the amount of exams loaded into the last week has decreased so that may be a little nicer. It's a complete change from first year when we had our two three-hour exams in the first two days, immediately followed by another - and were then totally finished with two weeks to go. No going home early this year! I need to start learning Haskell and C/++...

Finally, in the world of computers, I've booked tickets for this weekend's EGX Rezzed event at The NEC. It's basically just a place to show off a whole load of games (Hotline Miami 2!!) and there's a few developers talks, including about an AI that can create video games which sounds cool! From there it's straight off to the CS barcrawl around Selly Oak as well, and then over to Aberystywyth for the weekend! I can't wait.

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