Thursday, 13 March 2014

Photography: (Actual) Hockey

I've actually always liked field hockey, ice hockey's less-cool older brother. I watched some of the EuroHockey final last summer and my family also had tickets to watch at the London Olympics - it was a memorable day if only for the rain (and the fact I wasn't allowed a pork steak). I'd sort of forgotten how much until I got to photograph the women's first team play Durham on Wednesday.

It's the second part of a week filled with pictures, from my dad's birthday to Anavae's show in Wolverhampton supporting Polar (pictures to come), and now hockey! I don't think I appreciated that even field hockey is pretty fast paced with penalties only providing momentary respite, and the only real chance to breathe coming before short corners.

I have no real grasp of what makes a good player, but our team looked really good. The game was dominated by Birmingham, but (when I left) we only led 1-0 so maybe I'm way off. I had to make this blog post long enough so that I could fit in a picture in portrait, which is unusual for me, I know. (I cropped it from landscape, don't worry).

Also, a massive shout-out to the sun for acknowledging that my camera is awful without it. More pictures below the break!

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