Friday, 23 May 2014

Life: Month of May

This month has broken me in pretty much every way possible. Exam season is one of the most draining experiences of my short, and sheltered life. Maybe my travels around the country last month hasn't stood me in the best stead for my month long attempt to frantically learn all the material I didn't pay attention to in the last eight.

Some relief came in the way of America's finest, The Wonder Years, Real Friends, and La Dispute. The former and latter being incredible, especially La Dispute in the wonderfully intimate Bush Hall in London. Coupled with Rangers' beautiful Stanley Cup run - despite coming in less than great circumstances with MSL's mother. Dom Moore's story is equally as sad, and ESPN's story on his wife reduced me to sobbing. I was ready to donate £50 to her foundation before realising I couldn't at all afford it.

All of this - plus my friend's journey around the world - has led to me trying to live that life where you try to experience things as much as possible. I wish it were easier than it sounds. I did book a trip to Paris with Lauren for after exams as a present to myself (and her). The fact my dad had a whole load of Eurostar points helped too. I'm afraid that means a lot of photos of the Eiffel Tower in a couple of weeks. Arcade Fire are actually playing over there at the point when we're going (yeah, the title was a reference), but alas they've already sold out wherever they're playing.

Before that there's three of nine exams left before we get to that point though, and so far they've not gone badly. That is, other than one which went horribly. Just three left. Actually rather excited for 'Professional Computing', in which I can let loose all of my political-ish knowledge. Politics and computers, my favourite. The only thing that could make it better is if I can sneak Brand New lyrics into it. Panic attacks are becoming ever less an issue, which is nice!

I've turned into one of those 'lads, lads, lads' too, having won £7.50 off absolutely nothing on Paddy Power. Starting off on a £1 free bet on their ol' games, which you can fairly easily get something out of if you put it on Blackjack, from there some 25/50p bets have done pretty well. Shout outs to Rangers, Barney, and a whole host of IPL teams for their help. Cricket has been pretty big in our house as of late.

Of course it's the also the European and (some) local Elections today, and it looks like UKIP have done rather well in the council seats which doesn't bode well for the counting of EU votes. It's always strange to me that so much discussion about what the party should do to engage with voters. Obviously that's part of the job, but if all parties moved to where the voters lay then there'd be no choice. In fact, they've left a gaping hole that UKIP seem to have exploited. I feel awful for Jeremy Vine and his terrible map, he looks alright when he's got all of the graphs in front of him.

I'm gonna go revise now (okay, maybe 1:35 in the morning isn't really the time, and I accept that wholeheartedly)

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