Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Life: exams.over();

Finally, it's over. The stress is over. The panic, the last minute revision, the lack of sleep. An eagle eyed observer may be able to spot the clues that still remain, like the fact that my desktop background is still C/C++ notes after I accidentally changed it last week. Those may still be required in August, but for the moment exam period has been negotiated - how successfully remains to be seen but my initial feeling is that it hasn't been a total disaster.

A month of exile from everything I love - Counter Strike, Xbox, happiness - is replaced by a trip to Paris on Thursday. Five days of blissful, overcast freedom. Trips to the Sacré-Coeur, Disneyland, and the most frightful of landmarks - La Tour Eiffel. The first time I'm properly looking forward to getting out my camera since I was last in Paris, almost two years ago; a chance to remember that I'm terrible with anything other than a band in front of my lens.

Looking onto summer I'm still unsure as to my plans. 2000 Trees hasn't been confirmed, nor has [Redacted]. I'd quite like to go to Latvia for the beginning of the KHL season, although I'd settle to get to a Nottingham Panthers' CHL match. Just have to decide whether to do Reading and how many Manchester Orchestra shows to go to, and it'll be a step closer to an actual plan.

This week sees Rangers take part in the Stanley cup finals. I've only been following hockey since the end of the lockout last year, but considering the last time the team from MSG made it this far I wasn't born I shall not be taking it for granted. I should really thank @aj_ranger for pretty much being the reason I started watching the NHL, and the reason behind my favoured team. Although maybe he should thank me for being a lucky charm.

The next blog will probably be a hipster-collection of Parisian architecture in the style of my beloved, Eugène Atget. For now though, I shall listen to England's inevitable loss via BBC's unrivalled coverage. That is, other than Sky - but Sky Go's (yet again) being temperamental. I guess not everything can be perfect.

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