Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Life: No Longer a Teenager, Not Quite an Adult

I woke up on July 6, 2014 a changed man. The reassuring knowledge of being in my teens - with life ahead of me - had evaporated, instead leaving the terrifying expanse of my twenties. Two decades worth of life experience flashed before my eyes as I rolled out of bed on a 'lazy' Sunday morning, as I was dragged somewhere against my will - I guess some things don't change.

(As an aside, that place happened to be a vinyl fair at Rivermead Leisure Centre, where I picked up a whole host of records that my parents already own; War of the Worlds, Kate Bush, Supertramp. I added a couple of my own - searching high and low for Talking Heads, and Patrick Bateman's speech in American Psycho flooded back as I added Whitney Houston's debut LP, simply known as 'Whitney Houston', to my ever expanding list of purchases. In fact, I stopped myself from looking around half the stalls for fear of bankrupting my father.)

From now, all the potential that I've somehow managed to keep hold of throughout my teenage life can suddenly dissipate come actually having to find a job in, hopefully, a year's time. The last year of uni is quickly approaching, and holds a quite terrifying amount of weight over the outcome of my future endeavours.

Still, for now I'll content myself with finally finishing Dexter - even if the best seasons are apparently behind me, and try and cram as much into my week's free WWE Network as possible. Plus 2000 Trees starts on Thursday, which is always good fun. Here's to another decade of being alive.

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