Thursday, 7 August 2014

Life: Twin Atlantic Have Been In My Head All Day And They're Awful [Sort of]

I think two weeks is the longest time between posts since I started this blog properly, and that's mainly because I haven't really done anything - partly due to spending a few days at home when my family were down in Devon which is fairly soul destroying. What I have done has been relegated to my other blogs - Reading/Wrestling - so that it doesn't get quite so cluttered over here.

Finally though, something to do! Reading and Leeds announced a free Twin Atlantic/PABH warm-up show in Manchester, which you had to 'win' tickets for. Effectively that meant entering, and eventually being given more than you asked for - apparently down to most people who entered not having an adult to go with. Anyway, the gig itself was pretty good - I had one of those groggy headaches which did lessen the enjoyment factor somewhat; but I haven't seen Twin since (I think) Reading Festival 2011, and haven't seen them headline in over three years either. It's pretty rare nowadays for them to be playing somewhere with capacity in the triple digits, check their tour later in the year if you wanna know how big they are now (Spoiler: Pretty big).

The big news of the day - from my point of view - was the coach journey! Now, if you know me you'll probably know that I've had a rather troublesome time in certain situations. All arising from a rather stressful period in 2012, the first week of Uni. First I felt rather dehydrated in a lecture - the first lecture - and had to go out, but only after drawing a great deal of attention to myself via asking whether I could leave. "This is embarrassing" was somewhat of an understatement. Then there was a Megabus but a couple of days later, I was meant to be going to The Garage in Highbury for La Dispute, but unfortunately I never made it. Rather foolishly I wasn't fully prepared, and lacked any water thus becoming (again) dehydrated. I got off at Birmingham Airport, and went back home rather disappointed.

Both those events triggered panic attacks, and a rather more general anxiety which is brilliant. Since then coaches have been rather unpleasant, so being able to travel on them relatively panic free was actually a fantastic experience. I've been to 'see' someone about it and turns out that it was rather helpful. That along with a healthy dose of Propranolol worked wonders. Now just to see how an open day goes tomorrow, and I may be able to consider myself cured. (ish) 

Away from depressing overreactions to everyday situations there's the brand new Solemn Sun playing in London tomorrow. Finally a reason to go to the Old Blue Last. Gonna feel all hipster in Shoreditch. Plus there's a fair bit of wrestling on this weekend. Fight Club: PRO, Southside, and PWK.

It's gonna be a hoot. 

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