Monday, 1 September 2014

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Sports haven't been good to me recently. Lauren and I went away to Nottingham for a couple of CHL matches, which happened to sit perfectly either side of Reading's match at the City Ground. Nottingham Panthers, ranked 44th out of 44 teams in the CHL never really stood a chance; neither did Reading who had half a team out through injury.

Still, to watch 'your' team get tonked 4-2, 4-0, and an eye-watering 10-1 on consecutive days wasn't the best way to spend a weekend. There was a brief moment of hope, when Panthers came from 2-0 down to equalise midway through the second period but from then on it really was one-way traffic.

Aside from sport though, the weekend was a hoot. Endless programmes about Kate Bush, went to see Guardians of the Galaxy, played some crazy golf. Plus ended up spending a fair amount of money on comics, and 'graphic novels'. Turns out that they're actually alright! My first foray came in the form of a volume of 'East of West', which I'm not sure I have the necessary vocabulary to suitably explain.

From Nottingham I took the five hour journey straight down to Plymouth, where my family were down in Modbury. Finally I tasted the sweet deluxe hot chocolate of The Lazy Cow again; atop it a mound of swirling whipped cream, a vast array of coloured sugar strands, and finished with miniature marshmallows. Heaven on Earth.

Lastly, in this diary of life, which everybody is super interested in. Finally finished Archer, which is amazing, and well worth getting Netflix for almost by itself. Moved on to the intensely disturbing, Bates Motel; Outlining Norman Bates' life before Psycho. It's been renewed for a third series, although only the initial ten episode run is on internet's holy-grail of tv and film.

Now to actually catch up with work.

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