Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Kids in Glass Houses have two shows left, one in London tonight and one in Cardiff but alas the last time I'll ever see them has passed. Smart Casual and Dirt were both soundtracks to my time at Rangelagh, and I vividly remember listening to it while walking past the music block - don't ask me why. For a few years they used to be one of those bands I just saw at Reading, and it'd always be so much fun. On the In Gold Blood tour cycle I got the chance to speak to Iain Mahanty - an interiew I was wholly unprepared for, and photograph the band at The Forum in London. There's also a horrifically written review which is the reason I tend to stick to photographs nowadays.

KIGH are a band with so many memories attached; The one that springs to mind in particular is when I continually listened to 'Lovely Bones' throughout our stop in Italy while interrailing, for no better reason than the line "When in Rome" as far as I can remember, but it became such an integral part of that visit that even now listening to it will take me back. 

Really, there's one man in particular to thank for my continuing (active) interest in the Welsh quintet, and that's William Brown - like Charlie Brown it feels incredibly natural to refer to him by his full name. I'm not entirely sure how we came to be friends, but I do know we met in Glasgow due to a rather average Bloc Party gig, at least something good came out of it, right? I'm not sure if I'll ever see him again now that KIGH have bitten the dust because as far as I'm aware the only time we've bumped into each other apart from KIGH shows was Brand New in Glasgow, and the probability of them coming back any time soon is also slim.

Three shows on the 'Farewell Tour' doesn't feel like nearly enough, and I'm gutted that I can't really afford to get down to Cardiff! My ending, however, was pretty perfect. A hometown show - for me at least - with one of the best crowds it has to offer was a pretty special way to end it. Plus the day before, in Oxford at the 'soundcheck party', I got to hear my beloved 'Lovely Bones' and there's not much more I wanted from these dates.

Goodbye Kids in Glass Houses, I await your reformation.
Long live me, 'cause I'll be fine without you.

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