Monday, 19 January 2015


University's a bit too stressful, so I decided to take a trip to the GENTING CASINO COVENTRY BLAZE at The SkyDome. Not that it reduces any stress, Coventry are one of the worst ice hockey teams I've had the misfortune of setting my eyes upon - terrible line changes, a complete inability to hold onto the puck, and to top it off their powerplay is atrocious. I come away feeling sorry for them, although thankfully their fans seemed to have mellowed since pre-season - tends to happen when you lose every week.

Somehow they managed to get away with a 3-1 loss midweek against Braehead, after being 1-0 down after 19 seconds. The powerplay misfired then too, and Braehead managed to score shorthanded. This time they managed to stay solid while a man up but the first two Cardiff goals came seconds after their full compliment had been restored.

I sat next to a friendly middle-class couple who had no idea as to the rules of the great game of ice hockey. They used to go to London Irish, but got fed up of seeing them lose, I would suggest then that Blaze probably wasn't the wisest choice of 'upgrade'. (Incidentally Irish have won their last two matches, both by two points). They were nice; very taken with the novelty.

Maybe I should start inviting people. Which is a terrifying thought; actually having to converse with my friends. In fact, much of the stress has been from neglecting these very friends of mine - much of the time it feels like friends are very hard to come by, with life far too full of acquaintances, but this is, frankly, ridiculous.  That said, they're nowhere near as good for my fitness as these ever expanding walks.

Recently I've been finding it difficult to talk to those from university, how does one go about translating conversations at 'work' to discussions in spare time? It always feels so forced, and unwanted that I stopped trying a fair time ago. Those in Gristhorpe Road have fled to various far-flung lands, and I feel on the edge of other troupes. People don't like wrestling, ice hockey, or post-hardcore so it's become somewhat easier to not even try and coerce them into going. It obviously, works both ways; even on those times that I very much would like to venture out of my cocoon it's rare to be asked.

So instead I shall venture out alone, for it is much simpler. Yu-Gi-Oh will always be waiting for me on my return. This is totally a cry for help.

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