Friday, 12 August 2016

Suicide Squad.

Tonight I used my infinity card for the first time and went to see Suicide Squad, against my better judgment. Here's some stuff that people have already said a hundred times.

There's a lot wrong with Suicide Squad, let's start with the most obvious. There are too many stories to fit in two hours. Clearly DC are wanting to cash in on The Avengers hype without doing any of the leg work first. The Avengers worked because the characters were already set up, padded out. You needn't have even watched the other movies because they're household names. On the other hand DC have The Joker - who has a hilariously small amount of time on screen given the hype behind him - and Harley Quinn. The others - Deadshot, Rick Flag, Captain Boomerang, El Diablo, Killer Croc, Katana, Enchantress, and Slipknot - I had never heard of before the film. You have to fit all their stories into the opening quarter just so you can set up the rest of the film. You're given almost no reason to love them, and Slipknot is in the film for all of thirty seconds before he ends up dead. He's a totally unnecessary prop.

Then, although they absolutely kill it and are reason enough to go see the film, Robbie and Smith hog the limelight. Captain Boomerang chimes in occasionally - and if it revolved around that trio then the film would probably be improved. Killer Croc feels surplus to requirements, and El Diablo vanishes so often you actually forget he's in the film - so when he turns up to heroically save the day at the end, and becomes the only true superhero within the squad, it's totally out of place.

Amanda Waller, the government cronie who oversees everything is callous without reason. She's meant to be another villain, but they can never go after her, she has ultimate power over them all (except for the fact she clearly doesn't, as The Joker manages to break Harley free in no time at all?). Likewise Rick Flag and Katana who back her are criminally underdeveloped.

I don't think Cara Delevingne is the worst actress on the planet but she's totally miscast for the role. It also doesn't help that you're given almost no reason as to where these ancient beings came from, or why they're terrorising America apart from it being the expected behaviour of big screen baddies. I swear down, if I see another portal-type thing in the sky I will write a strongly worded letter to the script writers asking why they can't come up with any original storyline.

This is all before we've got to Jared Leto. He's over-the-top, but forgettable. Possibly without the stories from the set he puts in an okay performance but it's hard to ignore. It sounds like there was a lot more with him shot, but for whatever reason it's laying on the cutting room floor. The scenes with him and Robbie are alright, but frankly it feels like he could have been a flashback rather than a main character.

So much potential wasted. 

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